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John S. Levinson from Los Angeles, CA wrote on December 2, 2015 on 5:21 pm:
In memory of Kenso Kiyohiro an incredible American who always took the high road and never blamed the American government for his and his peoples internment. He got out of Camp Manzanar and went to work and never looked back. Dedicated to his Japanese community and to his country, the United States of America. A true example for all mankind.
Elena Tajima Creef from Sherborn, MA wrote on December 2, 2015 on 3:36 pm:
Beautiful digital site. Thank you.
Amy Miao from Providence, RI wrote on November 27, 2015 on 7:26 pm:
Seeing this exhibit has really inspired and rekindled my love for history. Thank you so much! ❤
Colby Douglas from Honolulu, HI wrote on November 27, 2015 on 6:54 pm:
Thank you for putting this together! I like how it gives a sense of place to this history.