Official name: Rohwer Relocation Center Location: Desha County, Arkansas
Coordinates: 33.75° N, 91.28° W Size of camp: 10,161 acres
Opening date: September 18, 1942 Peak population: 8,475
Date of peak: March 11, 1943 Closing date: November 30, 1945

Located in southeastern Arkansas, in Desha County, Rohwer (along with Jerome) were the easternmost War Relocation Authority (WRA) camps. Rohwer was situated on the marshland of the Mississippi River flood plain and thus required significant labor to clear and drain the land both for the construction of the camp and for agricultural cultivation. The climate meant that mosquitoes easily spread disease. Those at Rohwer came mainly from California (both Los Angeles and from San Joaquin county). When the WRA shut down Jerome following the loyalty questionnaire and its resulting segregation, many of Jerome’s residents were transferred to Rohwer. Rohwer remained open until November 30, 1945 and was thus the last WRA camp (aside from the Tule Lake “Segregation Center”) to close.