Heart Mountain


Official name: Heart Mountain Relocation Center Location: Park County, Wyoming
Coordinates: 44.67° N, 108.95° W Size OF CAMP: 46,000 acres
Opening date: August 12, 1942 Peak population: 10,767
Date of peak: January 1, 1943 Closing date: November 10, 1945

Located in the barren and harsh climate of Cody, Wyoming, Heart Mountain was one of the War Relocation Authority (WRA) camps. In 1943, internee workers completed the Shoshone Irrigation Project, which include a 5,000-foot canal as they cleared land for farming. Through these agricultural initiatives, Heart Mountain was noted to have one of the most successful agricultural programs and introduced new crops to the region. Various forms of activism and resistance sprang up at Heart Mountain including the well-known Heart Mountain Fair Play Committee, which argued for the restoration of Nisei civil rights prior to compliance with the military draft.