Official name: Granada Relocation Center Location: Prowers County, Colorado
Coordinates: 38.05° N, 102.33° W size OF CAMP: 10,500 acres
Opening date: August 27, 1942 Peak population: 7,318
Date of peak: February 1, 1943 Closing date: October 15, 1945

Amache, also known as Granada, was the War Relocation Authority (WRA) camp with the smallest population. The camp was notably the only WRA site established on previously private land and was uniquely situated within walking distance from the town of Granada, Colorado. Those incarcerated at Amache (Granda) were largely from the Central Valley, the northern coast, and southwest Los Angeles in California. However, the camp’s population shifted with the addition of inmates from Jerome and Tule Lake. Despite its small population, the influx of transfers resulted in roughly 10,000 individuals residing at Amache (Granada) in total. Due to its proximity to the Arkansas River and semi-arid climate, agricultural cultivation was relatively successful. Additionally, the Amache silkscreen shop worked with the U.S. Navy to produce a series of official Navy posters.